The Best Invention Ever – The Rice Cooker

Since many years man has done a lot of work to keep his tummy full. Either he has depended on plants or on animals. As time changed, many new discoveries were made for making life easier. Many tools were made for cooking food. Different tools are used for cooking different food. Since ancient times, man has been fond of eating rice. This rice is also very nutritious for health. With time advancement, tools have been also advanced. Now says rice cookers are used for cooking rice. It is also called as Rice Steamer.

Rice cooking is considered as a very easy task which takes 30 minutes to 1 hour for completion. Before these rice cookers, people used to cook rice on kamado. Rice cookers originated in Japan. The first rice cooker was made by Toshiba in 1995. The first electric rice cooker which was invented later on, worked with the help of aluminium electrodes. Rice was not cooked properly. Sometimes, they were overcooked and sometimes undercooked. Slowly many other cookers were designed and made. With the competition among companies, many better cookers were made and used. Cookers used these days work on the principle of induction heating. Many companies are selling these rice cookers you can check best rice cooker brand at There is a large variety of rice cookers available in the market. They vary from size to size, color to color, brand to brand and on the basis of different features.electric rice cooker for whole house

Production of rice cookers is increasing rapidly. Around 85 million rice cookers were produced in the year of 2005. Some of the rice cookers are used for steaming purposes. There is a microwave rice cooker also available in the market. It is specifically used for rice cooking. Gas rice cookers most commonly used these days. They have a large capacity than other cookers. They mostly used for commercial purposes. A fuel source is directly connected to such cookers. There are many benefits of such rice cookers as they cook good quality rice in large quantities at a greater speed. These cookers offer more heat to the food content as compared to the electric cookers. Next there are electric rice cookers which work with the help of electricity. These cookers have many features. They contain timer system which indicates the finish of cooking process of rice. The cooker works according to the time set up by the user. These cookers are more used these days as it needs less manual work and is automatically operated. But these cookers offer less heat as compared to the gas cookers. They take more time for cooking rice. There are many parts involved in a rice cooker. There is a heating device, thermal sensors and controls inside the cooker. There is also a removable plot with non-stick coating. There might be a lit or a removable cover. After cooking the rice, the cooker must be kept closed so as the steam inside the cooker doesn’t move out of the cooker and rice stay fresh for long. These rice cookers have made it easy for us to make rice. If one feels hungry, he can just make rice in a short time period. Thus, it has proved to be the best invention.